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A Gift Guide for your Favourite Buds

Updated: Jan 12

For the Tokers, Dabbers, Munchers and more

The holidays are quickly approaching and we here at Wake have you covered with some gift ideas that are sure to wow all your buds! Now more than ever cannabis consumers are emerging from all walks of life, from your retired grandma to your college-age younger sibling to your boss at work. A cannabis related gift can be seen as thoughtful and exciting...and it is super easy to choose a gift for that person in your life because there are so many different cannabis products and accessories to choose from!

In this gift guide we will look at the type of cannabis consumer and what to give them this holiday. There are tokers, bong-rippers, dabbers, munchers, CBd-ers and probably more. To make your holiday shopping this year a bit easier, here is a guide that will help you figure out what to get your buds.


The traditional toker loves a good joint, blunt, one-hitter or pipe. How do you make these simple experiences special? One of our favourite ways to give a gift is by making a kit with all the items one might need for a sesh. Some kit examples are:

Their favourite strain (or a strain you think they might enjoy), rolling accessories like papers and rolling tray, a grinder and a lighter

Their favourite strain (or a strain you think they might enjoy), a grinder, a pipe with some screens and a lighter

A craft pre-roll (or a few) and a lighter

Wake Accessory Club Membership

The Wake Accessory Club is a subscription program that allows you to come into the store once a month for free rolling papers, tips and a lighter. It also gives club members 10% off of accessories at Wake.

What makes these kits special is that they are highly customizable and you can add your own personal touches to them. If they smoke outside, you could include fingertip-less gloves and a hat or scarf. Do they smoke inside? Throw in a nice smelling candle or some incense. Do they enjoy rolling? Give them a gift set with rolling accessories like different sized papers, a rolling tray, joint tips/crutches etc. However you decide to personalize your gift to the tokers in your life, free weed is always appreciated!


The bong-rippers are fun to shop for. There are so many different styles of bong, from the materials it's made of to its size to its colour. The only reservation with buying a gift for a bong-ripper is that some are particular about the glass. So, if you decide to give a new bong or any other glassware, make sure to find out what glass preferences they have, if any. Here is a list of gift ideas for cannabis consumers who primarily use bongs:

Flower, bong or bubbler, lighter or hemp wick

Flower, grinder, bowl and/or downstem, bong flavoured water, cleaner

Bong, extra bowl, lighter or hemp wick, cleaner, Poke Bowl

Flower, storage containers, grinder, Poke Bowl


The strictly dabbers on your list will be thanking you tremendously for the next few gift ideas coming up. Shopping for someone who dabs is great because there are so many different tools required to traditionally dab. From fancy dab tools to quartz bangers to terp beads, the options are nearly limitless. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when shopping for someone who dabs:

Electric dab rig and some of their favourite concentrate

A dab rig, carb cap, banger, dab tool, torch, concentrate case and their favourite concentrate

A unique looking dab tool, a carb cap to match it and a favourite concentrate

Terp/banger beads, banger and a carb cap

When searching for ways to make the gift as personal as possible, think of how this person smokes. For dabs or bongs, a Smoke Buddy could be a nice touch if they smoke in-doors along with either a candle or some incense. Since dabbing requires a lot of prone-to-breaking-often tools, they could greatly benefit from Wake’s accessory club where they would get 10% off of accessories for a whole year.


Some cannabis consumers prefer edibles over smoking or any other method of consumption for a number of reasons. The main two are that they do not enjoy inhaling flower or concentrate and they like the edibles’ strong, longer lasting effects better. The great thing about these munchers is that there is a huge variety in the type of edibles available as well as the taste. Edibles are commonly found in soft chew gummies, chocolate, baked-goods and beverages. With that said, here is a list of great gifts that would satisfy any muncher:

A combination of different flavours and strengths of gummies

A bunch of their favourite, go-to edibles

Different flavours of chocolate

Drinks and some dissolvable THC powder

A canna-butter maker and flower

You can add personal touches to these gifts by really thinking about what it is your muncher enjoys. Do they have a sweet tooth? Throw some of their favourite non-cannabis infused candies in. Do they like beverages? Make some yourselves by including a recipe to one of The Green Organic Dutchman’s Ripple THC cocktails and include all you need to make it. Do they love hot chocolate? Make a canna-cocoa gift set by including Bhang chocolates, hot chocolate mix, a mug and candy-cane stir stick. Edibles are also amazing stocking stuffers...just be sure that you put them in the right one! Whatever treats you decide to give this Christmas, adding a personal touch makes it that much more special!


Some cannabis consumers prefer CBD dominant products for a whole list of different reasons. The most popular CBD products are oils, lotions and other topicals, and CBD edibles. We have a growing collection of CBD products and know how crucial it is to always have them in stock! CBD is a great option for someone who is just getting started or who is a longtime user. Here are some CBD gift ideas that any enthusiast would appreciate:

A self-care kit including a CBD bath bomb and lotion

An arrangement of CBD gummies, beverages and oil

On top of a CBD-centered gift you could also personalize it with some warm socks, deep tissue massage ball, foam roller and anything else that relieves pain or discomfort. It is important to note the reasons people may decide to consume CBD and to be aware that it is based on their own experience and opinions on it. Once you know why they use it, you can further personalize that gift. Maybe, if you really like this bud, you could attach a relaxing experience like a massage or spa voucher or a meditative yoga session to help them really relax! For more information on cannabis and yoga, visit our blog titled title under “health nugs.”

Hopefully we made shopping for the buds in your life a little bit easier with this guide!

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