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Finding the Balance in Balanced Strains

Updated: Jan 12

There are so many cannabis strains that offer a multitude of different effects. There is literally a strain for just about anyone! Some consumers go for strains with the highest tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content because they want to get absolutely blitzed; however, the potency of a strain is not indicative of how ‘good’ it is, the strain has to fit you and your needs. Extremely potent bud may not suit everyone, others may define ‘good’ bud as simply a strain that gives them their most enjoyable high.

In this blog post we will discuss why balanced strains are just as good, show our appreciation for cannabidiol (CBD) and who may benefit from using a more balanced strain. First, let’s briefly look at how CBD and THC affect our bodies.

CBD is known as the therapeutic cannabinoid, as many claim it helps them with chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety. It is found in many strains at varying concentrations along with its counterpart, THC.

THC is the cerebral cannabinoid and is responsible for the psychoactive effects it has on the brain. THC is believed to help manage pain, change your mood and put you in a euphoric state, which gives you that ‘high’ sensation. If you have too much THC in your body you may feel herbed over the next morning, similar to drinking too much the night before and having a wicked hangover. You may also feel the more unenjoyable effects of ‘coming down’ after smoking potent strains.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back!

Much like a mullet, a balanced strain offers the best of both worlds when it comes to getting high, with the fun of THC and functionality of CBD. This balance is great because it allows you to get high without the drawbacks of having too much THC in your body.

THC and CBD are commonly known to counteract each other in terms of effects. Where THC hypes you up, CBD calms you down. Contrary to popular belief these two cannabinoids work together to deliver the best possible high, similar to the mechanisms taking place in an entourage effect. To simply put it, THC and CBD work together to bypass the potential downsides of cannabis while delivering and accentuating the upsides.

Naturally cannabis has more THC than CBD, meaning that balanced strains are selectively bred to give a more holistic high. Testimonials from consumers show that balanced strains are extremely beneficial for people with high levels of anxiety, people who become anxious when consuming cannabis or people who simply want more out of their cannabis other than just getting high. Evidence that supports this theory lies in mice and testimonials from cannabis users.

In a study done with mice, researchers tested how balanced amounts of THC and CBD affected them. The test showed a reduction in anxiety, memory loss and hypothermia. There was also evidence of an increased rate of activation within specific regions of the brain.

We love a potent, high THC strain just as much as the next cannabis consumer, but may have been sleeping on balanced strains. Balanced strains are setting themselves apart from the rest by giving a holistic high and harnessing the powers of both THC and CBD. If you are looking to get more out of your cannabis, try to balance it out with strains like Harlequin, CBD Kush or No.302 Warlock.

This post is intended for recreational purposes and is in no way a medical recommendation for people with anxiety. Seek medical advice from your healthcare team when treating anxiety or managing pain.

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