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Is Craft Cannabis Worth It?

Updated: Jan 12

(the answer is YES)

(Photograph from: Muskoka Grown)

Why is small-batch, craft cannabis a must-try? Well firstly, it’s a great way to try different strains outside of your everyday cannabis. With craft cannabis you can almost always count on a great product from its packaging to its smoke. The beauty of small-batch cannabis is that every aspect of producing it is done with lots of care and attention to detail. A smaller operation coupled with the high level of attention to detail results in a high quality product that expresses each plant’s intended full genetic potential.

Craft cannabis is not exclusive to established cannasseurs or highly experienced tokers. They are also a great tool for those who want more out of their flower or who want to learn about different terpenes as well as how those terpenes affect them. Craft cannabis is considered the top shelf, premium bud, so it will have a higher price tag compared to other larger get what you pay for! From the delightful smells to the flavourful smoke to the potency of the flower, craft cannabis is something everyone (over 19 years old) should try.

Stocking craft, small-batch cannabis helps the little guys who are trying to deliver the highest quality bud in a way that is sustainable while also staying true to the integrity of the strain’s characteristics. We know all about being the little guys - as the local and independent dispensary in Gravenhurst, Muskoka - and have a huge appreciation for every single person who supports our store. Supporting small operations is something we here at Wake prioritize and show this by carrying every Muskoka Grown strain; it is afterall Muskoka’s cannabis.

Providing people with Muskoka cannabis is hugely important to us, especially because it is local and craft. The craft cannabis industry is saturated with people who are passionate about the plant and motivated by producing the best possible product for cannabis consumers. Here is a list of the small-batch, craft cannabis brands we have to offer (keep in mind we are constantly adding more to the menu!)

Muskoka Grown





Next time you’re in, ask questions about our craft options. Combined, Wake budtenders have tried every single craft strain we carry to ensure we can provide you with the information you’ll need to get craftier with your cannabis!

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