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Keeping Little Hands & Paws Out of Your Stash

Updated: Jan 12

This blog entry is inspired by one of our many amazing regulars who is a parent to young children. They came in looking for a storage solution that would keep their cannabis accessible to only parents and impenetrable to kids. That got us thinking, with Christmas just around the corner there will be more instances of kids trying to get a sneak peak at gifts early. They may look under your bed, closet, bathroom, basement, cupboards, garage, shed...the hiding places are endless and you better believe kids are smart enough to look in the best hiding spots around the house! This increases their chances of coming across your cannabis stash, so it should be as inaccessible as possible for them to get into.

According to a poll, only 25 per cent of parents who consume cannabis properly and securely store their stash. Another interesting statistic is that edible popularity has dipped from 2019 to 2021 from 36 per cent to 25 per cent. The most popular reason for this decline? A lot of adults with children/young nieces and nephews, or pets in their home are nervous that these little hands will get a hold of them. The answer isn’t to sacrifice the edible high, but rather to store it can have your edible and eat it too!

Since the legalization of cannabis, the instances of kids becoming in possession of it has increased. After the legalization of cannabis infused edibles, the instances of kids accidentally ingesting cannabis has also increased. This fact refers to both legacy and legal products, however it is most common with legacy products as they rarely have regulated child-proofing measures. At the end of the day, no matter where or how you get your cannabis products, there should be an attempt to ensure the kids in your life don’t get to them.

Here are some ideas on how to secure your adult candies, chocolates and other products.

Lockable Containers & Stash Boxes

These types of storage solutions are ideal as the permanent stash in your home. They often have a built in locking mechanism that is passcode protected so only you can get in when accessing the goods. Some fancier stash boxes even have a regulated humidifier inside them to keep your weed from drying out! When making a passcode, use something that your children wouldn’t know like your banking password, an important number like your or your parents birth years, or even a number sequence that spells out a word in T9 (predictive text). Whatever it is, make sure it’s easy enough to remember and not guessable by your kids...they’re smarter than you think!

Cases, Pouches, Tubes Oh My!

You may be the wizard of Ozs at home, but taking an Oz on-the-go can be tricky and not very discreet! A plastic baggie doesn’t cut it anymore, as kids can easily get into it-especially if you leave your travelling sesh bag in a purse or jacket pocket. The solution? Lockable pouches and cases or childproof tubes and bags. Kids get into a lot of places they aren’t supposed to be in like mom’s purse and dad’s pockets, so ensuring that their wandering hands don’t find a yummy looking candy in places like these is super important. It is easy to forget about protecting the on-the-go cannabis products because they are generally always on our person; however at home these articles, like purses and jackets, are left out in the open.

DIY Stash Boxes and Cabinets

Of course, there is always the do-it-yourself option. If you do it correctly, your kids shouldn’t be able to find a way inside; but, keep in mind if you do decide to go the DIY route there could be an error in design or installation that could lead to a kid figuring out a way around it. Often, the DIY route has a higher chance of not working as intended.

The cheapest way to go is by buying a lock and installing it on a cupboard or cabinet. If you have a closet that is unoccupied, you could also replace the door knob with one that locks with a key...just don’t lose the key! There are plenty of resources online that will give a full tutorial on how to make an impenetrable stash box; just be prepared to put the work in.

Get Your Perfect Storage Solution

Have something in mind but don’t know exactly where to get it? Come in to Wake Cannabis where we can put in a custom order just for you! You can also call or email us an inquiry and we will get back to you promptly. We want to help protect the youth in towns across Muskoka, and providing this option is one of the ways we are contributing to safe cannabis use and prevention of accidental ingestion by kids in our community.

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