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SPOTLIGHT: Alien Sinmint Cookies by BLKMKT

Updated: Jan 12

This small batch bud packs a serious punch

With a name like ‘Alien Sinmint Cookies,’ I had to give this one a try! This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with a THC range of 21 to 27 per cent. For this specific strain the terpenes are the star of the show, not necessarily the THC percentage. The dominant terpenes in this Alien Sinmint Cookies lot were β-Pinene, Limonene, 3-Carene and β-Caryophyllene. If you are someone who enjoys discovering the different flavour profiles of flower or are making your way from casual smoker to connoisseur toker, look no further. Here is what I thought about Alien Sinmint Cookies.


If the packaging alone doesn’t scream top-shelf-bud, the frosty coating surrounding the large nugs should. Immediately after opening the premium packaging, I was delighted by the aromas wafting from the mouth of the container. I picked up on the mint instantly followed by a sweet, almost fruity, fragrance.

(pic here of frosty bud)

Smoking Experience

A clean glass blunt was filled with freshly ground flower and lit. The first thing that entered my mind was the cleanness of that initial hit. It almost reminded me of the Kush Mint 510 vape cart; that cool soothing feeling you’d get from menthol. Obviously not as cool or icy, but the similarities came from the smoothness and lightness when using the glass blunt. There was a sweet flavour throughout the sesh, but it took a back-seat when compared to the mint.

For comparison, a joint was rolled as well to see if the clean hit was thanks to the glass blunt or the minty profile. Although the joint didn’t feel as cool or icy, it was still smooth, light and felt clean (as far as joints go). However, with both smoking methods I did notice that the ‘cookies’ taste showed up a lot more at the end of both smoking experiences. Maybe it was the higher temperatures it was inhaled at near the end that let the cookies really shine through? Or, maybe I was just high by that point and finally noticed the cookies? So, for scientific purposes, I smoked it again the next night (and rolled a shorter joint) and found that the cookies really do show up at the end.


The effects were instant and pretty strong. The first leg of the high was euphoric and pretty uplifting. At times I felt locked in to a Netflix documentary that was on in the background. Half way through the documentary I was questioning the indica part in this indica-dominant hybrid strain; until it hit me with a force that was out of this world. Alien Sinmint Cookies quite literally smacked me in the frontal lobe and into the couch. I leaned back into the cushions and felt as if I had melted into it, like warm butter. It was at that moment Alien Sinmint Cookies became one of my favourite strains.

Alien Sinmint Cookies was super flavourful, had wonderful effects and worth the premium price-tag in my opinion. If you like a smooth hitting strain I highly recommend giving this a try!

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