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A unique way to consume cannabis

(Photograph from: Kin Slips)

This spotlight features the Cloud Buster Kin Slips.

Brand: Kin Slips

Format: Sublingual Strips (10)

Effects: Sativa-like

THC: 5mg/strip

CBD: <0.5mg/strip

Total THC per pack: 50mg

Kin Slips are cannabis infused sublingual strips that come in varying dosages. In this pack of 10, each strip is individually wrapped to keep the product safe from damage and portable. I tried the Cloud Buster 5mg strip and was greeted by a powerful mint flavour that reminded me of strong mouthwash. Much like mouthwash, it didn’t burn for too long and left my mouth feeling minty fresh.

It took between 10 to 15 minutes for me to start feeling the effects. One strip was pretty mild in terms of intensity, similar to if I were to split a .25g joint with someone. After about 20 minutes I had another strip and felt the effects intensify within 15 minutes. After an hour and a half I was very high and it lasted for a while, similar to the length of an edible high.

The type of high from the Cloud Buster Kin Slips was pleasant and made me feel alert and focussed. It’s definitely a product for those times where you have tasks to do and have no time for a sesh. If the minty zing doesn’t wake you up, the sativa-like effects should! I made the mistake of taking them in the evening before bed and had trouble getting to sleep. So, if you decide to try them, avoid taking the Cloud Buster before bed.

If you are looking for a way to consume cannabis discreetly without being completely stoned, this may be your best option. These strips have a faster onset time compared to edibles and the absorption happens through vessels under the tongue rather than through the digestive system. Like edibles, I would suggest starting low and going slow. For me, one 5mg slip is enough for the day-to-day and no one would know I consumed cannabis. Two strips is more of a recreational dose and others would definitely recognize I was high.

The discreteness, accessibility and potency of these little strips are perfect for those days where you need a little help getting into a workflow state or boost of energy. Whatever your reason for trying these Cloud Buster Kin Slips are, they are worth the try!

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