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SPOTLIGHT: Organic Sour Cookies from 1964

Updated: Jan 12

Not your granny’s cookies

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The strain Organic Sour Cookies by 1964 is one of my new favourites for a wake’n’bake sesh. This strain is a cross between the iconic Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel, a hybrid masterpiece in my opinion. This hybrid strain is not like many I’ve tried before, and here’s why.

Strain: Organic Sour Cookies (sativa-dominant hybrid)

Format: 3.5G

THC Range: 20 - 26%

THC: 22.8%

Sour Cookies is truly a wonder when it comes to its effects. I tried it two different times at varying quantities and found the effect is very dependent on how much you smoke. The first time I tried it I smoked a fat joint and found it impossible to move from the couch. As soon as I found my comfy spot I didn’t move for a solid hour. The couch-lock was serious, which I wasn’t expecting considering the strain was a sativa-dominant hybrid. I felt pretty relaxed and had a slight body high with zero desire to get up. For the first 20 minutes I couldn’t even motivate myself to reach for the remote…and no, it was not far away.

The second time I tried it I smoked less to see if there would be a change in effect. The difference was significant and I had to double and triple check to make sure I was in fact smoking Sour Cookies. With the decrease in consumption I felt the more sativa leaning effects. My head high was very uplifting and my mind was active and buzzing. These cerebral effects were perfect for channeling this energy into tasks. I cleaned the office, bedroom and completed four loads of laundry (and yes, even the folding!).

A takeaway for this particular strain would be that quantity has a huge impact on effect, so plan accordingly. If you know you have some tasks to do, have a smaller amount. For me personally, .25 grams is the sweet spot for getting work done. Anything more and I am on the couch basking in the buzzy body high.

The flavour of this strain was exactly what you would think Sour Cookies would taste like. At first you are hit with a sourness that is slightly gassy in nature. This sourness was fleeting on the taste buds and followed by a sweetness that reminded me of a dough-like pastry. This strain was delicious and the perfect balance of sour and cookies. My new go-to wake’n’bake strain!

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