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SPOTLIGHT: Pinnrz Blue

Updated: Jan 12

The opinions expressed in the following spotlight blog are based solely on the individual writing, reviewing and researching the relevant product.

Pinner: (noun) a very small, thin cannabis cigarette. It gets its name from being pin-shaped.

Pinnrz are exactly what they sound like: a pack of thin pre-rolls with .25g of quality flower. The THC per cent is advertised as ranging between 18 to 24 and I came away with a 21.7 per cent. Pinnrz selects a featured strain that encapsulates the desired flavour profile for each of their slim joint packs. They have created their own system for classifying each type of pre-roll option. The Pinnrz with blue tips, Pinnrz Blue, are blends of gassy flower while Pinnrz with the yellow tips, Pinnrz Yellow, are blends of fruity and citrusy flower. For this spotlight, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Pinnrz Blue rolled with their featured strain, Wedding Cake.

Strain: Wedding Cake (indica-dominant hybrid)

Format: 6 x .25g pre-rolls

THC Range: 18% - 24%

THC: 21.7%

The packaging is sleek and can fit in nearly any pocket or purse. The cardboard case that holds the 6 pre-rolls does cave in on itself a little bit if it gets too squished, but the minimal packaging is appreciated. Pinnrz has a good, solid and even roll, so no bent or warped joints if they happen to get crushed in a tiny pocket. I also really liked the filter used, it was longer and denser than most pre-roll tips I’ve had in the past, which really elevated the smoking experience.

The first taste was gassy, diesel and sharp on the tongue. If you know someone who likes that gassy stanky cannabis, this is a good one to seriously cannot miss this flavour! The pinner burned evenly and there was zero canoeing. My biggest pre-roll pet peeve is when it canoes on you!

I would have really liked to see terpene information on the package because at 21.7 per cent with only .25g it literally knocked my winter boots off. After further research I discovered the dominant terpenes were limonene, myrcene and caryophyllene. At first I wasn’t sure if this would be enough to get me bedtime stoned, but it did and then some. By the time I sauntered back to my bed I felt like I was levitating, which explains my need for the trusted weighted blanket to keep me grounded. As soon as I got under those covers I felt totally relaxed, like I was vibing on a cloud. I was so comfortably tucked in that my snack was forgotten (Pringles).

Pinnrz is perfect for that daily evening smoke sesh. In a pack of 6, that could last me personally all week for a goodnight sesh. Others with higher tolerances may have a different experience than my own, but will still be pleasantly surprised. Now, that sharp gassy flavour profile isn’t exactly in my repertoire, so I am itching to try the Pinnrz Yellow!

My final thoughts on Pinnrz is that for a new, small company they are really coming through with a great product that taps into a part of the market we didn’t know needed exploring: pinners. Pinnrz are especially great for those cold Canadian nights - especially in Muskoka - when you don’t want to be stuck outside smoking a fatty in -30 degree weather for an extended period of time. Pinnrz really understood the assignment!

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