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SPOTLIGHT: Ripple Dissolvable THC Powder

Updated: Jan 12

A different kind of nightcap

Wow...I did not expect to get that high with this one! Over the 2021 Bala Cranberry Festival weekend I made a Crannabis Cocktail using Ripple. Ripple is a dissolvable powder made by The Organic Green Dutchman that transforms any drink into a cannabis infused beverage. In this particular canna-cocktail, I used the entire package which contained 10mg THC.

The powder came in a slim, easy-to-pour package that was similar to a Crystal Lite packet. After adding the powder to my cranberry concoction and stirring thoroughly, I was excited to try it. Maybe it was the bubbliness of the ginger ale, tartness of the cranberry juice or sweetness of the orange juice in the beverage that hid the taste of cannabis so well. At this point, I was anticipating finding all of the powder at the bottom of the glass or having the end of the drink taste more like cannabis; but there was no ‘weed’ taste.

Ripple dissolved evenly throughout this cocktail with no leftover residue at the end. I was very impressed with how well it dissolved and how little I tasted that ‘weed’ taste. I was even more impressed with how much of a punch it truly packed.

Within 15-30 minutes of finishing the Crannabis Cocktail I started feeling the effects. The first stage was total relaxation. I went from standing, to slowly leaning on the kitchen counter, to sitting at the bar seats. I could feel my entire body relaxing and the tension floating away.

Then I got really really high. I was surprised with the level Ripple took me, as it was 10mg THC and normally I wouldn’t experience such a strong high. As a person with experience consuming cannabis, I was happy and comfortable being at that level. It was pleasant and gave me an all around good experience. For me, it started with a strong body-high followed by a head-high. By the time the head-high arrived I was already tucked into bed!

If you are interested in trying this product out, I would highly suggest considering using only half the Ripple packet at first. Take into consideration your own personal tolerance and always remember to start low and go slow!

For the Wake Crannabis Cocktail you will need:

Cranberry Juice or Cranberry Cocktail (whichever you prefer!)

Orange Juice

Ginger Ale


In a glass with ice, combine two parts cranberry juice/cocktail to one part orange juice. Once you have your desired volume, top it off with some ginger ale and then add Ripple. Throw some cranberries in and enjoy!

The limits are endless when experimenting with Ripple!

*Use responsibly and remember, effects may differ from person-to-person!*

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