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The Best Things to do in Muskoka High

Updated: Jan 12

Experience Muskoka on a higher level

Muskoka is filled with loads of things to do in the summer months. From events to experiencing the outdoors, Muskoka offers a wide range of activities for all to enjoy...but when you’re high it's a whole other level. As we know, cannabis can be used for enhancing different experiences, and different experiences require different strains. In this blog post we will highlight some great end-of-summer activities and give recommendations on strains that would pair well with them.

The following activities should be done responsibly and safely with considerations to the mentioned establishments, environment and wildlife.

Experience the Outdoors

For our active, adventurous buds physical activity and being high go hand-in-hand. Going on a hike? Make it even better with some cannabis! Muskoka has some amazing hiking spots like Hardy Lake Trail Head and Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve.

Hardy Lake is great for a longer hike and there are plenty of different things to see. If you decide to go on a long hike, bring snacks and lots of water-hiking while high without these things is not very be prepared! For this particular kind of hike a sativa-dominant hybrid like Blue Dream can have you wandering through a vibrant landscape, captivated by the many natural beauties of Muskoka.

Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve is an amazing night time hike for stargazing and a relaxing stroll. On a cloudless night, visitors can clearly see stars and constellations, planets and occasionally the northern lights...if you think you see aliens you’re probably just high. For this night hike a balanced hybrid or indica-dominant hybrid can transform Torrance’s out-of-this-world view into an experience that has you melting into the surrounding landscape. Black Dahlia is an indica-dominant hybrid that is perfect for a night of light hiking and stargazing with its tingly body high sensations. When going at night it’s important that you bring a friend or two along!

Appreciate the Arts

Muskoka is home to many local artists and artisans with a diverse variation of pieces that reflect their individual uniqueness. Finding beauty in art is a very personal and subjective experience; people enjoy different aesthetics. Now, what if there was a strain that allowed your senses to be heightened enough to sharpen, saturate and comprehend every piece of art, not just the ones you were naturally drawn to? Well there is and it’s called Purple Haze.

Purple Haze will have you staring in wonder at an art piece analyzing the colour, composition, tone and emotion. Purple Haze has been known to make colours more vibrant as well as leaves you feeling positive for the whole high. The Arts at the Albion is a gallery in Gravenhurst where local artists showcase their work, making it the perfect spot to appreciate the local art and even purchase a piece for yourself.

Get Social

If you are a social butterfly when high, you are in luck. Muskoka is very community oriented where everyone knows everyone. Great places to be high are one of the many farmer’s markets across Muskoka, visiting local shops on the main strips, dining at patios and attending community events. All of these activities are appropriate settings to strike up conversations and make connections.

Strains that help enhance these activities are Chocolope and Blue Diesel. Chocolope is a feel-good, uplifting strain that is perfect for daytime activities. It’s known for putting people in a positive headspace with strong cerebral effects. Blue Diesel is said to give you a long-lasting body high while being relaxed and not sleepy. This is perfect for a daytime patio or any other activity that involves sinking into a chair and relaxing with friends and family.

Kick Back

If none of these options are up your alleyway, no worries. When in Muskoka, kicking back dockside or lakeside is always an enjoyable way to take in the scenery. All you need for this activity is your favourite strain and a place to sit.

However you choose to spend these last few moments of summer, make sure they count! Take part in the activities you love while the sun is still shining high in the sky.

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