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The Perfect Sesh Every Time

Whether you smoke it, eat it, vape it or drink it, cannabis provides us with an enjoyable high during a sesh. There are ways to make the sesh even more enjoyable by following these simple steps. The act of seshing, either by yourself or with a group (following applicable COVID guidelines of course) is described by cannabis consumers as being highly ritualistic. By following these steps, our new buds will have some great seshes.

Step One - Munchie Prep

Deciding what to eat is sometimes an impossible task when you’re sober, never mind when you're high! By figuring out the munchie situation before the actual sesh, you are looking out for your future-self.

Takeout is always a good option for munchies. Some of our favourite local munchable spots are Shelby’s Chip Wagon, Well Fed, Only Zoey’s and Pizza One Muskoka. Now more than ever it is so important to choose a local small business when making the decision to have takeout food if you can.

Making the munch yourself can be a more health-conscious option plus it’s fun to make creative culinary masterpieces! Cooking after seshing creates a higher risk of stuff possibly going wrong like cooking meat improperly, burns from handling hot pans or cuts from chopping with sharp knives. Chances are, if you are new to cannabis you are new to cooking high. A suggestion would be to partially make whatever it is by preparing the ingredients and assembling it after the sesh. For example, if you chose to make tacos you would chop up all the veggies, shred the cheese, place your guac or salsa or sour cream (or all the above!) into bowls and cook the taco meat (if any). This way it is fast-ish and easy to put together so you can enjoy your munchies!

Step Two - Fire Playlist and/or Activities

Music can really make or break a sesh. Having some low volume music in the background elevates the whole experience. A sesh is meant to be about the people, the cannabis and good positive vibes. Music keeps things lighthearted and creates an environment that encourages conversations or simply just enjoying the tunes. A sesh is more than the bud you are smoking, it's the experience that comes with it.

Depending on the vibe of the sesh you can set up a movie or TV series to binge. Or, if it’s more of an upbeat sesh you can organize activities to do afterwards; anything from playing board games to taking part in online painting classes is sure to provide a fun time.

Some great games to play are:

  • Hearing Things

  • Cards Against Humanity

  • Taboo

  • What Do You Meme

These are just a few, there are boat-loads of options!

Step Three - Set Up the Sesh Den

Setting up your sesh den adequately will ensure that the flow of the sesh is not disturbed and make the experience more enjoyable. The most important thing to remember is a lighter. Without the lighter there is no burn, it’s that simple! Always have a lighter on hand and even a back up. Too many times there are instances where we all reach the sesh and there is not a lighter in sight.

Another important thing to include within the vicinity of the sesh den is water. Whether you are smoking joints or bowls or eating edibles, water is essential to have; if you take a big hit (and didn’t mean to) or to wash down an edible.

Accessible seating is also key in keeping the flow of the sesh going. If you prefer to stand while you smoke, it is still a good idea to have somewhere to sit if you need to.

Step Four - Sesh


Step Five - Enjoy the Ride

Wherever the mood takes you - to the munchies or to the activities - submerge yourself into the experience. The effects cannabis provides coupled with great company is the whole premise of a sesh! If you are seshing alone, do something you enjoy whether that is relaxing and watching movies or doing more stimulating activities. Regardless of company or lack of it, creating an environment that is both enjoyable and comfortable to be in while high is the most important thing.


These simple steps will help you lay the foundation of your sesh rituals. Once you become more experienced you can start tailoring things to fit your exact needs. These guidelines are helpful for any new recreational consumer who may be at the beginning of their cannabis journey.

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