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What To Do When You Get Too High

Updated: Jan 12

Whether you pulled in too much smoke, had an edible that took its time kicking in, or tried high potency dabs for the first time these, can all contribute to becoming too high. Another common factor is having a low tolerance for cannabis. There’s a difference between getting absolutely zooted and realizing you are too high-being too high is an uncomfortable feeling that can sometimes make someone feel helpless.

Every cannabis consumer has been a new bud at one point in their lives and will have a story of the first time they realized they had too much. Although it is impossible to overdose on cannabis, you can still take in a large amount that can make you feel more than unwell. Signs you have had too much include:

  • Anxiety

  • Panic

  • Paranoia

  • Confusion

  • Sweating more than usual

So, how can we prevent this? If prevention has been surpassed, how can we restore feelings of comfort again? In this blog we will share some tips on how to counter the uneasy feeling of taking in too much THC as a new cannabis consumer.

First, don’t feel bad or ashamed of this, it could happen to anyone! New buds should be aware of how to determine their limit, how to prevent going way beyond their limit, and what to do when they do.

Know Your Limit

The only way to really determine your limit is by experience, the more experience you have the more familiar you will be with how much cannabis you can consume. Since new buds don’t have too much experience, they should always follow the golden rule: go low and slow. Keep your dosages low and gradually build from there as you continue on in your cannabis journey. Keep it slow by pacing yourself. If you just cleared a bowl, wait a while and assess how you are feeling before going back for more. Or, if you just ate an edible, give it time to kick in and never go for more within the onset time. If you have an edible at 4:20 pm and don’t feel anything until 5:00 pm, taking more could result in an overwhelmingly horrible experience. You will get hit with not one, but two edibles in a very short time span...which is not fun.


Preventing yourself from becoming too high is possible, but not full proof. There are a host of different factors that can counteract even your best, most full-proof efforts. The best way to prevent getting too high is pacing yourself, selecting a ‘safe’ strain containing slightly higher CBD or one that is balanced, can help ensure you don’t consume too much THC.

Too Much THC: Tips & Tricks

You accidentally had a bit too much cannabis...what do you do now? First, do not panic! You will be okay. Here is a list of tips and tricks that can help you reach a more balanced and comfortable state:

1. Don’t Panic

Panicking is the worst thing you can do when the realization that you’re too high hits. Try to relax, breathe and remember: no one has ever died from consuming too much cannabis. You will be fine and that feeling of “greening out” feeling will pass.

2. Put Your Focus Elsewhere

It’s important not to focus on the fact that you exceeded your cannabis limit. Instead, put a show or movie on and focus on that. By focussing on something other than your uneasiness you will be able to divert your attention outwardly rather than inwardly.

3. Hydration & Snacks

Sipping on some cool water and snacking lightly will allow you to further distract yourself. By focussing on the act of eating and drinking, you are grounding yourself and may feel more in control and less uncomfortable.

4. Try to Relax

Stay calm by either getting comfortable on a bed or couch or moving yourself to an environment you feel calm in. Maybe your happy place is outdoors in the fresh air? Or in a recreational room where you spend a lot of time normally? Regardless of where you go to relax, make sure it is one of your comfort zones. If you are not at home, never drive or operate any motorized vehicle to reach your comfort zones. Instead, attempt to replicate them wherever you are or close your eyes and visualize them.

5. Go for a Walk

If you are restless, go for a walk outside. If possible, bring a friend along with you for support. Only do this if you are not feeling lightheaded or woozy as losing balance or falling over could be a potential risk-especially outdoors!

6. Bubble-Bath or Shower

Although this is not always possible, a relaxing bubble bath or warm shower can help you ride out the uneasy feeling of being too high. By putting yourself in a relaxed state you can adequately combat this feeling.

These few tactics should help you achieve a sense of comfort while your body filters through all the THC in its system. Greening out is definitely not fun, much like drinking too much, except it doesn’t last too long and you will probably not be hungover in the morning. You may feel a bit herbed-over, but this doesn’t last nearly as long as a hangover! If you find nothing is working, seek medical attention.

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